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Hirschmann Industrial Hivision v07.0.01 Multilangual
[Image: 1703062120000102.jpg]

Hirschmann Industrial Hivision v07.0.01 Multilangual | 307 MB

Network visibility equals high availability. Industrial HiVision is state-of-the-art management software for industrial communication systems. It is ideal for configuring and supervising all Hirschmann™ manageable devices, including switches, routers, firewalls and wireless devices, as well as any third-party SNMP-enabled products.

Designed for effective industrial network supervision, Industrial HiVision can easily be integrated into SCADA applications. It offers a built-in SNMP to OPC server. The graphical user interface is available as an ActiveX control. A DTM offers seamless operation inside FDT applications.

Main functions:

Client / Server architecture
• Supports multiple clients simultaneously
• Redundant servers supported
• Client Graphical User Interface (GUI)
• Web browser client
• HiView client (java installation not necessary)
• Support for multiple languages

Topology Map
• Auto-topology discovery
• Displays status of devices and connections
• Link speed and medium are visualized
• VLAN viewer to highlight specific VLANs
• Supports Hirschmann™ wireless bridge links
• Can discover unmanaged devices

• Parameters can be configured across multiple devices simultaneously
• Devices do not need to be the same type
• Reduced installation time
• Fewer errors during configuration
• Facilitates regular tasks such as changing passwords

Event Handling
• Customizable event log
• Events can be exported for reports
• Events can trigger actions
• Event log available on mobile devices (smartphones/tablets)

SCADA Integration
• GUI is available as an ActiveX control
• Built-in OPC server
• DTM is available

Industrial HiVision encompasses all the features and benefits of earlier versions.

These include:
• Client / Server architecture
• Web browser client
• Edit and Run modes
• Network hierarchy display
• Global and individual status display and propagation
• Flexible event handling
• Customizable data acquisition
• Long-term trending
• Comprehensive export functions
• Asset Management

New in version
New features in version 07.0.01
New devices:
MSP40 (image added)

Fixes in version 07.0.01
Write access credentials of a device are stored in the database of the application. These credentials can be read via MultiConfig™ by a user with 'Login' permission.
Fixed: if the user has 'Login' permission via User Management, the MultiConfig™ dialog 'Device Credentials' is not shown.

The procedure for treatment:
Install the program by following the instructions in the Setup Wizard, make the appropriate settings.
The program will start in trial mode (30 days). In trial mode there are no restrictions, supports all functions that provides a paid version, except for the sub-domains.
To reset the trial run Reset-trial 86/64 file depending on your operating system (with Administrator rights), press the Reset button, wait until the process is finished, close the window Reset.
Reset-trial can be carried out when running the program.

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