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Mercedes Benz Navigations CD AUDIO 50 APS 2016-2017 Europe NTG1 V17

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Mercedes Benz Navigations CD AUDIO 50 APS 2016-2017 Europe NTG1 V17
Mercedes Benz Navigations CD AUDIO 50 APS 2016-2017 Europe NTG1 V17 Multilingual | 4.9 Gb

As of now, the new navigation update is available, with which your customers arrive precisely and quickly. With the new navigation update for the Audio APS (NTG 1) you bring the navigation of your customers up to date. With more countries and routes than ever before. Updated navigation data for the navigation device Audio APS (NTG 1).
The randful CDs with navigation data for 29 countries of Europe, with roads and paths, cities, villages and many special destinations: Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Vatican City. Whole Western Europe is covered by the 2016/2017 version.

The navigation in version 2016/2017 is well-known across Europe with 9.3 million road kilometers. In addition to Greece, Croatia, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and the Czech Republic are also fully covered in Eastern Europe. Prime coverage has been significantly expanded in the following countries: Poland: + 2 per cent Slovenia: + 4 per cent Hungary: + 7 per cent Thanks to intensive processing, the quality of the maps in the Czech Republic was significantly increased (86,187 km of prime coverage , Compared to 71,917 km in the previous version). With version 2016/2017 80.125 cities and municipalities are to be steered. Accurate navigation to the searched house number: While the number of houses in the central and northern European countries is largely covered, cover could be improved in the following countries: Lithuania: + 25 Romania: + 2 Points of Interest (POI) - Special targets: Nearly 2.4 million particularly important destinations are included on the CD, for example petrol stations, parking lots, museums, restaurants and hospitals. Compared to the old version, there are now around 133,472 more POIs available. In addition, the navigation also shows the fastest way to 2.909 Mercedes-Benz service partners. 8,812 grocery stores and 1,830 special nightlife destinations were added in the new version 2016/2017. Dynamic route guidance based on current traffic data (TMC / RDS): Based on the data of the Traffic Message Channel, the navigation takes account of current traffic warnings for motorways and automatically calculates detours. This convenient service is now available in the following 29 countries. Updates on the road network: map updates include millions of changes, such as. New roads, crossroads, bypasses, connecting points and motorway exits and descents. A road section can have up to 260 characteristics, e.g. The number of lanes or one-way streets. All these attributes as well as the considerable number of special targets must be constantly updated. In this new update, e.g. Over 70,453 roundabouts, 221,759 turn restrictions, 60,401 one-way streets and 1,080,655 road names updated. In addition, over 1,943,632 kilometers of roads were updated, including approximately 1,766 motorway and expressway sections. Technical notes: Scope of delivery: 7 CDs Please follow the enclosed instructions! Multilingual menu and traffic management is dependent on the system software that is part of this product.


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